Media Section B – Opening Paragraphs

Digital Technologies

Digital technology has been fundamental to the modern style of distribution and consumption for films on a global scale. The rapid growth of the internet, with more than 84% of adults, and 70% using the internet at least once per day in the UK has meant a revolutionary method of marketing any film in general. The diversification has allowed smaller film producers to compete with some of the larger media conglomerates and has also led to more people in general watching films, as the target audience for the film market is greater than ever.

Media Ownership

Media ownership is a topic widely discussed by individuals with an interest in media. Really, there are just 5 big media conglomerates who control just over 90% of the market share for media. This is good for the conglomerates because it means huge profits, well into the billions, as they control multiple sectors through the release of the film by their subsidiary companies. However, it also means that smaller companies can face many challenges getting their product out to the public without spending a large amount of money to be able to compete and taking enormous risks they simply cannot afford to do. The media conglomerates, including 20th Century Fox, which owns 10.8% of the market share really dominate the market and it is an important topic of concern for media producers all over the world.

Digital Distribution

Digital distribution, is primarily the distribution of the media products via the internet. As the internet is a relatively new technology, there are still new and innovative ways media companies are making the use of this technology in the form of marketing and consumption. Video On Demand (VOD) is one method of the distribution of films, and in some ways it is also a form of marketing. For example iTunes is used for advertising but also viewing products online. Digital distribution has allowed for some smaller films to really succeed and has brought budgets for some films down as a consequence because it can be inexpensive. However, digital distribution also poses another question on piracy and due to the rapid changes, it is something which can be hard to regulate effectively.


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