Media Section B – Group Facts

Digital Technologies

  • Over 84% of adults in the UK have access to an internet connection and 70% use the internet at least once per day.
  • Avatar had it’s own website which attracted at least 1,200,000 fans into watching the film
  • 367,000 people watched A Field In England on Film4
  • The Infidel had been watched approximately 1,000 times on iTunes on the opening weekend for VOD

Media Ownership

  • The “Big Five” media conglomerates own over 90% of the market share
  • 20th Century Fox owns 10.8% of the market share
  • 20th Century Fox produced Avatar, which had a budget of over £160,000,000
  • The Infidel, by Revolver Entertainment (a small independent company) had a budget of £30,000

Digital Distribution

  • Avatar was available on iTunes with special cuts for a premium price of $20
  • A Field In England had 3,000 iTunes viewings on the opening weekend
  • The Infidel gained hundreds of supporters through it’s innovative suggestions page it created on the internet
  • The Infidel spent £15,000 of it’s £30,000 budget on marketing via the internet.

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