Media Revision – Exam Question with “Regional Identity” as the topic

From Doc Martin extract

Mise en scene

  • Doc Martin wears a dark coloured very formal looking suit, one of which you might find typical in a city region. However, the local people in Devon are wearing much more casual clothing and in some instances more rural looking ‘farming’ clothing which shows the contrast between the two and shows how Doc Martin is out-of-place.
  • The acting of the local characters is often far more relaxed and stress-free than Doc Martin who appears to be rather stressed and acts at a much faster pace than the other actors. This shows how he is different and is used to acting differently as he comes from the city.
  • Another point is that a number of the actors are in pairs or groups. Doc Martin however is almost the lone wolf and doesn’t connect himself with anybody particularly. This shows his feeling of disconnection due to the regional identity as a key factor.
  • Doc Martin visually appears to be quite pale looking, possibly exaggerated through a filter. However, this contrasts with the other actors who appear to be healthier, country people. This is stereotypical for the situation because it exemplifies how people from cities don’t spend a lot of time outside in comparison to people living in the countryside.


  • There is a low angle shot looking up at Doc Martin who visually appears to tower over the camera. This shows power and takes place when Doc Martin is with the police officer. Despite a normal audience considering the police officer to have more of an element of power, instead Doc Martin is shown to be in control over the whole situation. This links to regional identity because Doc Martin thinks he is in control because he is from elsewhere.
  • At times, handheld shots are taken to emphasise moments of instability. The shaking shots appear to make Doc Martin seem more stressed and the other actors are often filmed with tripods so they appear to be more comfortable in the situation. This shows how Doc Martin might feel insecure in his environment with different people.
  • There are often long takes of the scenery which shows a lot of the rural environment and the small community spirit. This further demonstrates how Doc Martin doesn’t feel like he’s settled in.

Sound Design

  • The music used is often regionally appropriate non diegetic composed score. This contrasts with Doc Martin as an individual because it is not what you would expect as an audience to represent Doc Martin who clearly looks like he is from a more busy city environment.
  • There are often foley effects when outside which further portrays Doc Martin’s feeling of disconnection as they are seaside noises. It makes it clear to see that Doc Martin is not in his normal environment.
  • Within the non diegetic composed score, when the group of girls insult him with a local term, the music becomes darker, with deeper sounds. This emphasises how Doc Martin is not getting on very well with the locals and he almost see’s them as the enemy.


  • There is a distinct pattern within the editing which clarifies how Doc Martin feels within the situation between the locals. There are often things happening, such as the dog jumping through the window, followed by a reaction shot which highlights how Doc Martin is not getting on very well with being in a new area. This pattern stays within the scene almost throughout and highlights how he feels about the countryside and the locals.
  • There is the juxtaposition of the group of girls wearing bright clothing and being happy followed by the shot of Doc Martin looking dark and miserable, showing how he is disconnected from the society.
  • There are often quick takes of Doc Martin which makes it seem more as if he is far more busy than anybody else and is up to a lot more, showing how he is not like the locals who are more relaxed. This addresses the idea of regional identity because he is different from everybody else who appears to be more relaxed.

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