Production Exercise – Editing

For my AS Production Exercise, I managed to obtain all the clips I needed and then I put them all into Final Cut Pro. Once I had imported all the media I needed, I began putting all the clips into the right order with my partner. Unfortunately, my partner was only able to help me edit for one day as he was not at school, but in the time he was there, we made some good progress in terms of getting everything in the right order.

The next day I looked at editing things further. Fortunately, we had captured two versions of the same audio each time and so I could mix and match in order to get the highest audio quality. However, this did mean that I needed to match up the audio to the clips which proofed to be a more difficult task than I had originally planned because I had to get the lips synched to the dialogue correctly. I also worked at changing some of the lengths of different cuts in order to get the best cinematic experience.

When I got home, I looked at obtaining different sounds for my film. I realised that sound was a very important element of making a film and I had to add a couple of sound effects into the film such as when the lead character hits the seller with the golf club. I was quite satisfied once I had obtained all the sounds I needed. I also found a copyright-free piece of music from one of the sites previously listed which I added on to the end of the film where “The Gun Run” text is shown. This addition of the music made the introduction seem much better than previously.

In the final two days I have been working on the film changing lengths of the cuts. One problem I encountered was one of the match-on-actions which was recorded did not quite work because there was a sudden change in the brightness of the sun. I looked at changing the brightness but it just didn’t look right and so I was left with the painful option of keeping it the same. However, I feel that the decision to leave the match-on-action the same was best because it meant that the story made more sense, otherwise it would cause confusion. I also worked further at trying to synch the audio better with the video. Overall I am quite pleased with my results.

I feel that with the aid of my partner helping me in the editing process I might have been able to achieve slightly more and in a short period of time, however this was not possible and so I have done  everything I can to edit the film.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 13.14.59


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