Production Exercise – The Gun Run Filming 2

Today, me, my partner and my actors went to film for The Gun Run. The weather was certainly better than previously, and we were fortunately given permission to film on the driving range which meant that it was more sheltered from the wind. This was also a bonus because the storyboard me and my partner created initially was based on the idea of being inside a driving range. We all arrived at about 10am and finished about 2½ hours later, where we believed we had obtained all the needed shots and recorded all the needed sounds. I felt with the aid of my media partner this time, the whole filming process went much more smoothly, and as the director I made sure that the actors knew how to visually express themselves for the purpose of the film in the best way possible. Although I did also work on the sound and make an input into the cinematography.

This time round, we actually ended up bringing more equipment than we could use. We decided to make use of as much we could so we also brought in equipment such as the steadicam and more props such as bags. This was good because it meant that we had more of a decision as to how we would go about taking certain shots. We also made good use of the boom pole and recorded some higher quality audio by using it which we will need to implement into the footage using Final Cut Pro. Additional footage was also recorded to use just in case we are short of time, although we should not actually need to use it based on what we already have. Although we slightly changed the initial storyboard, we first discussed things carefully enough to understand why we had made certain changes. An example would be the lead hitting the seller over the head whilst he was stood near a bunker, which he dramatically fell into – highlighting the genre of action within the film.

filming2 filming1

The next step is to add all the files into Final Cut Pro, synch the sound with the visual footage and then begin to edit parts of the film. Theoretically, this should not take very long – especially since it is only about 2 minutes worth of footage.


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