Production Exercise – Planning for filming 2

Fortunately, we now have both permission from the actors and the location once again to get the filming done. My media partner has since recovered so hopefully we will both be able to make it this time, even if it means dragging ourselves there. The only thing that needs to be done now is to get the equipment ready again for the filming.

This time round I will also try and get hold of a proper clap board, which should also assist with the recording process. This week whilst I am preparing for the filming procedure I will need to make sure I am fully prepared for the filming by ensuring I know which shots to film first and make sure I know the actors lines as well as they know them to solve any confusion. Also, we will be recording the sound in a much higher quality, which should prevent the wind noise which previously destroyed the captured footage. I think another problem I had when filming before is also not balancing the tripod perfectly because the  land in certain areas was on a gradient. After this experience I now know the importance of setting up the tripod so that it is stable, because instability can ruin footage.

I also found that it might be beneficial to use the Steadicam as seen as it’s available and would possibly provide a better way of taking a panning shot within the film than to use the tripod which might have an acceleration which is too high, making the footage look poor quality.

Overall, whilst my first take on filming The Gun Run was unsuccessful, I still learnt a number of important things to take on board which I can then adapt to the next take on the filming. This means that we should end up with better footage than previously because I now have more experience with the equipment.


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