Production Exercise – Filming 1

So, today I went and filmed the initial 2 minutes for The Gun Run. I had prepared the equipment I needed for the filming. This included the storyboards, the shooting script, fake blood, the props and of course the filming equipment. When I woke up this morning, I unfortunately received a text from my media partner that he would not be able to help me film as he wasn’t feeling too good. Consequently, I was left with the grueling decision to continue filming by myself. Originally, I was prepared to film with my partner, but I wasn’t really prepared to film without him as there are certain tasks which require multiple people when filming, such as somebody to work with the sound. The sound issue essentially meant that I had to take my camera with the attached microphone, which I knew would not be as good as the external microphone.

Nonetheless, it was important to capture some footage, so I set off to Boston West Golf Course and met up with my actors. After meeting up with the actors, we then got designated a part of the course to film, which was essentially cordoned off for our use. So, at this point I had everything I needed, except it would have been more useful to have my media partner too so we could use the microphone. The first major mistake we came across which almost literally blew us over was in fact the wind. Despite the weather forecast claiming the weather for today would be sunny and a fairly warm 18 degrees celcius, it was in fact extremely windy and freezing. To begin with, I didn’t see this as being such a major problem, but then when I played back my first recording I realised that it was a major disruption to the whole filming process. The wind was so loud, that in fact it disrupted some of the dialogue and also in a few of the shots, the wind managed to shake the tripod slightly. This was not good news at all.

The only solution I can see right now to this problem is to scrap most of the sound using editing and then do voice overs for the actors. This however would certainly be a challenge as it would require the lips to be synced. Although it wouldn’t be impossible and might be the only option. Alternatively, I might be able to capture some more footage another week to use for the project. Having a second chance to capture more footage might also mean that my media partner would be there, meaning I would have more support.


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