Production Exercise – Fake Blood Creation

So, for The Gun Run which we will film tomorrow I decided to produce some fake blood. After getting a couple of teaspoons of clear hair gel, I then applied some red food colouring before adding a bit of purple food colouring to get a slightly darker colour. Fortunately, it is thick enough to stick to something when applied, and whilst it may look like a tastey jam of some sort, I assure you – it’s not. The fake blood will be applied to the golf club towards the end in one of the final shots, where the gun dealer in casual clothing is killed by the lead character in the smarter clothing. The blood should not end up on anybody directly, although it does wash off so shouldn’t be a problem if somebody gets a splatter on them. The colour isn’t wonderful, but for the purpose of the film, it will certainly enhance the cinematic effect.

Here it is, inside of a small plastic container. Note that there isn’t too much, which is because we decided that a blunt object such as a golf club would not create masses of blood.

Fake Blood

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