Production Exercise – Filming Solution 2

Unfortunately, after my other post where I thought we might be getting somewhere, we could not get the actors for Saturday. This of course was partly due to us rushing into the filming process as soon as we got permission from the course. However, on March 8th we are quite confident this time that we will be able to film. We have received permission to film from the golf course and have also been told by our actors that they can make it. I made sure our actors knew what to wear for the occasion and what time to arrive. This should go to plan, and we are filming in the morning so we should have plenty of time to get the filming process completed so that we can then move on to the editing stage which is of course very important. On another positive note, the weather seems to be gradually improving throughout the week, meaning that on our date of filming we should (fingers crossed) have good weather.

At this point, both me and my partner feel prepared. We have the actors, the location, the props, the filming equipment and our storyboard and scripts to support us through this process. On the date, I will be bringing suitable clothing, along with a few bags of equipment containing: a camera, a video camera with attached microphone, a steadicam and possibly a small container with some fake “blood” which will in fact be some clear hair gel with a bit of colouring added to it – based on my original blog post concerning the blood. As for the rest of the equipment, fortunately my media partner has the golfing equipment meaning we will have all the props we need. Which in essence, includes a golf club, a golf bag, a tee and of course a golf ball (which can be obtained on site).

After the filming process, the next steps will be to get a move on and get through the editing stage as fast as possible. However, obviously it is important that we do not rush it. My current plan of action is to spend as much time working on the editing as possible once we have the footage so that we can get the film ready to watch (with some minor adjustments) ready for the following week. After this point, I will be working on the evaluation of the project using a variety of different media techniques.


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