Production Exercise – Filming Solution

So, recently we encountered a pretty big dilemma. This was because our actors were going on holiday, and also the golf course we had rang up had said we could only film on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Anyway, we were reminded the importance of getting on with the filming process and so we jumped to it. We knew that the only real solution would be to change our location, or alternatively, our actors. However, we had already let the actors know and given them our scripts so it would have been unfair to say no at the last minute.

Yesterday, me and my group partner went and looked at some different courses and we then proceeded to go through the list and ring up some more golf courses. We were very pleased that fortunately the Boston West golf course agreed to letting us film this Saturday. The next step is to try and get hold of our actors to get an exact time we can have them over at Boston West golf course for the filming process. Hopefully this will all go to plan!

One of the problems however which I have heard about is that the weather isn’t going to be particularly great. In fact, there was a moderate warning from the Met Office that it may in fact snow. Fingers crossed, the weather remains alright. But after just checking the forecast, the weather is likely to be cloudy, with a chance of rain at 16:00.


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