Production Exercise – Camera Shots Planning

I decided to go out today with the Sony HD SR10 to gain some more experience with it through photography. I looked at my previous blog post on different types of media shots and on the basis of getting a few different types of shots, I started to take some photographs. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad, and it made some of the shots quite dark which I have edited slightly.

Extreme Wide Shots

– In reality, these would normally be considerably wider, but unfortunately I have just 1 lens!

Extreme Wide Shot Railway Extreme Wide Shot

Close Up Shots

Close up 2 Close Up Fungi Close Up 1 Close Up

Point of View Shot

Point of View

Low Angle Shot

Low Angle Shot 1 Low Angle Shot

Oblique Shot

Oblique Shot

After I had taken several photos, I decided to make my way back home. Unfortunately as I was making my way through a field, a cow decided it was going to chase me which can be seen below, in 2 basic wide shots.

Cow Chase DSC00338

Overall, the whole experience with using the camera was quite useful as it allowed me to experiment with different types of shots and get more of a feeling for the camera. Hopefully this experience will be useful when it comes to the filming process.

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