Production Exercise – Actor/Location Dilemma

Since we have contacted both the actors and our primary location, we have come across a major issue. The actors are available only on Saturday afternoons, and the golf course has told us that we can film on either Tuesday/Thursday afternoons. The only real solution for this is to try and rearrange a time with either the actors or the golf course, but if there is no solution we may have to change our filming location. On top of this, news has just come through that our actors are going on holiday this Friday for the holidays, meaning that we may have to call our filming process off unless we can somehow get more actors.

Update : Since we could not film during the holidays, it is very important for us to film as soon as possible. This would be impossible during the school week as it would be too late to film after school and thus the lighting would not be very good. Consequently, we will need to film on a weekend at some point. This also works for our actors, so as a result we will need to try and contact the golf course again to try and arrange a time where we can film. This might cause a problem because generally, at weekends golf courses are quite busy. So as a result, we might need to try and film very early in the morning. Our approach to this situation will have to be calling the golf course as soon as possible and finding out if we can arrange another time. Hopefully we can get it done with enough time to contact our actors because it would be unreasonable to give them such little notice.

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