Production Exercise – Testing cameras

Today with my partner in media I went and took some test footage with my Sony HD SR10 with the microphone attached. We also used a small SteadyCam. The footage we will use will be compared with another camera lent to us by the school.

The two test footages will be compared to try and identify which camera would be best for the job.

However, when we tried to put the SD card into the Macs with the videos we recorded, the file type did not seem to be supported. This is a technical error which I have decided to solve by simply bringing the SD card home and taking the film clip out on my laptop (which I have previously tested and it works). However, during the transfers it may lose some of the compression and may result in the loss of some quality.

If this problem cannot be solved, we will of course have to use the school cameras which definitely work. However, I may also do some research on the Sony HD SR10 to see if anybody else is having similar problems and try to find a solution.  This will distinguish whether we will use my camera or the school camera.


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