Production Exercise – Weather Forecasting

Since I have established that there are two possible dates for filming, it is quite important to check the predicted weather conditions for these dates. If for example, it is very rainy, we may have to change the costumes and bring some extra equipment to protect the cameras.

Saturday 15th

UK Outlook for Sunday 9 Feb 2014 to Tuesday 18 Feb 2014:

“Sunday starting very unsettled with widespread showers and bands of locally heavy rain affecting many areas, with gales, locally severe gale in exposure. Some of the showers will be heavy and thundery with a risk of hail, and snow on high ground. Through Sunday there will be a gradual easing of wind and showers. It will remain unsettled through the following week with a continuing risk of gales or severe gales, further showers or longer spells of rain, these occasionally heavy and with hill snow in the north. The best of any drier and brighter interludes are likely in the following week and will probably be in the east and southeast. Temperatures mostly near normal, but rather cold at times in the north with a risk of frost and ice.” – Met Office

Consequently, the weather looks pretty awful just about everywhere in the UK for Saturday 15th and wouldn’t provide the most ideal conditions for filming at a golf course. However, there is hope for the 22nd!

Saturday 22nd

UK Outlook for Wednesday 19 Feb 2014 to Wednesday 5 Mar 2014:

“Current indications point towards early February’s unsettled conditions persisting through the rest of the month. The most likely scenario during this period would see north-western parts of the UK affected by the most frequent spells of unsettled and windy weather. Meanwhile southern and eastern regions should tend to see longer spells of drier and brighter weather than previous weeks, although still with some rain-bearing systems. This would mean that temperatures are likely to remain close to, or just above, the seasonal average, but with some colder periods possible, with the risk of frost and ice, and hill snow, especially in the north.” – Met Office

Fortunately, being in the East we might see better weather than the previous Saturday. If we still plan on filming during the half-term it looks as if the best time would be Saturday 22nd February, where we have a greater chance of meeting some good weather for filming.


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