Production Exercise – Planning Fake Blood

For the production exercise, at one stage, where the lead character hits the seller over the head with the golf club there will need to be some fake blood to put emphasis on the action. This would not include much blood, just a small amount to be applied to the golf club once there is a reveal of the lead character behind the sellers collapsed body. Initially I thought about buying some fake blood off the internet, but after some research, I soon found that it is a very simple procedure to create your own fake blood from basic products at home.

In an article I read online, I found you could make some pretty realistic looking blood from a few basic products at home… This included the following:

Crimson Red food colouring
Green food colouring
Egg Yellow food colouring
Transparent hair gel
Small syringe
Small Plastic container

Instructions are as followed:

1. Take 2 heaped teaspoons of hair gel and put it into the container.

2. Put a Teaspoon of Crimson Red food colouring into the container,
and mix well with the teaspoon.

3. Use the syringe to suck up some green food colouring, and put 3
drops of green into the mixture, again, mix well.

4. Clean the syringe with warm water, and suck up some egg yellow food
colouring, and add 3 drops to the mixture, mix well.

5. Finally, add an extra 4 drops of Crimson Red food colouring to get
the right “realistic” blood tone you like.


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