Production Exercise – Location Planning 2

Currently there are two locations we are trying to get permission to film at. The locations are the Horncastle Golf Club and also the Boston West Golf Course. Ideally, filming at the Horncastle Golf Club would be better because the actors we have chosen might not be able to get to Boston West Golf Course. However, it is good that we have a backup plan just in case we cannot get permission to film at one or the other.

Yesterday I helped to create an email which me and my media partner sent off to the two golf locations. Hopefully we will get a reply soon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.51.49

If we do not get a reply within the next couple of days, we may have to try an alternative way, such as ringing them up, sending them a letter or going there directly and asking. It is important that we get some form of response because it will heavily determine our entire filming operation. If both places do not allow us to film, we will have to look elsewhere but try to keep the locations nearby so that we can still use our actors.

Recently, since we found the actors prior to sending this email, we have found out that they are only available on Saturday afternoons. Looking at the calendar, if we were to film in the half-term this leaves us with two possible dates to film, the 15th and the 22nd of February. It is important that if we get permission, we highlight our issue with time and make sure that we can film on either one of these dates. In a worst case scenario, we will not be able to film in the half-term and may have to film at a later date.

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