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Production Exercise – Filming Solution

So, recently we encountered a pretty big dilemma. This was because our actors were going on holiday, and also the golf course we had rang up had said we could only film on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Anyway, we were reminded the importance of getting on with the filming process and so we jumped to it. We knew that the only real solution would be to change our location, or alternatively, our actors. However, we had already let the actors know and given them our scripts so it would have been unfair to say no at the last minute.

Yesterday, me and my group partner went and looked at some different courses and we then proceeded to go through the list and ring up some more golf courses. We were very pleased that fortunately the Boston West golf course agreed to letting us film this Saturday. The next step is to try and get hold of our actors to get an exact time we can have them over at Boston West golf course for the filming process. Hopefully this will all go to plan!

One of the problems however which I have heard about is that the weather isn’t going to be particularly great. In fact, there was a moderate warning from the Met Office that it may in fact snow. Fingers crossed, the weather remains alright. But after just checking the forecast, the weather is likely to be cloudy, with a chance of rain at 16:00.



Production Exercise – Camera Shots Planning

I decided to go out today with the Sony HD SR10 to gain some more experience with it through photography. I looked at my previous blog post on different types of media shots and on the basis of getting a few different types of shots, I started to take some photographs. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad, and it made some of the shots quite dark which I have edited slightly.

Extreme Wide Shots

– In reality, these would normally be considerably wider, but unfortunately I have just 1 lens!

Extreme Wide Shot Railway Extreme Wide Shot

Close Up Shots

Close up 2 Close Up Fungi Close Up 1 Close Up

Point of View Shot

Point of View

Low Angle Shot

Low Angle Shot 1 Low Angle Shot

Oblique Shot

Oblique Shot

After I had taken several photos, I decided to make my way back home. Unfortunately as I was making my way through a field, a cow decided it was going to chase me which can be seen below, in 2 basic wide shots.

Cow Chase DSC00338

Overall, the whole experience with using the camera was quite useful as it allowed me to experiment with different types of shots and get more of a feeling for the camera. Hopefully this experience will be useful when it comes to the filming process.

Production Exercise – Ident Research

An ident is used to both credit and present something before a film. Its use  can give a visual interpretation of some of the sort of contents which may feature inside of the film. Fonts play a big role in this, as their use varies with different genres within films. For example, in an action film you might find the fonts are used in block capitals with bright colours. However, for a thriller you would usually find something a little more subtle. The differences allow the audience to get a feeling for the film before they have even started watching it. The most famous examples of idents often are quite complex but always seem to be produced on a computer, with the name of a company/channel displayed in the centre of the screen.

Production Exercise – Actor/Location Dilemma

Since we have contacted both the actors and our primary location, we have come across a major issue. The actors are available only on Saturday afternoons, and the golf course has told us that we can film on either Tuesday/Thursday afternoons. The only real solution for this is to try and rearrange a time with either the actors or the golf course, but if there is no solution we may have to change our filming location. On top of this, news has just come through that our actors are going on holiday this Friday for the holidays, meaning that we may have to call our filming process off unless we can somehow get more actors.

Update : Since we could not film during the holidays, it is very important for us to film as soon as possible. This would be impossible during the school week as it would be too late to film after school and thus the lighting would not be very good. Consequently, we will need to film on a weekend at some point. This also works for our actors, so as a result we will need to try and contact the golf course again to try and arrange a time where we can film. This might cause a problem because generally, at weekends golf courses are quite busy. So as a result, we might need to try and film very early in the morning. Our approach to this situation will have to be calling the golf course as soon as possible and finding out if we can arrange another time. Hopefully we can get it done with enough time to contact our actors because it would be unreasonable to give them such little notice.

Production Exercise – Testing cameras

Today with my partner in media I went and took some test footage with my Sony HD SR10 with the microphone attached. We also used a small SteadyCam. The footage we will use will be compared with another camera lent to us by the school.

The two test footages will be compared to try and identify which camera would be best for the job.

However, when we tried to put the SD card into the Macs with the videos we recorded, the file type did not seem to be supported. This is a technical error which I have decided to solve by simply bringing the SD card home and taking the film clip out on my laptop (which I have previously tested and it works). However, during the transfers it may lose some of the compression and may result in the loss of some quality.

If this problem cannot be solved, we will of course have to use the school cameras which definitely work. However, I may also do some research on the Sony HD SR10 to see if anybody else is having similar problems and try to find a solution.  This will distinguish whether we will use my camera or the school camera.


Production Exercise – Actors Script

Recently we found a couple of actors for our production. We decided it would be quite important to make sure they are prepared by sending them a copy of the script with the lines already highlighted for them.

Here is a picture of the highlighted scripts


Production Exercise – Planning Music

For some of the film, it might be useful to have some music. Music must be obtained from a copyright free source. Online I found a few websites which offer these services: