Production Exercise – Storyboard film

Upon completion of the storyboard, the next step was to create a storyboard film which would give a more detailed visual of the filming process. Using Apples Final Cut Pro, photographs of the storyboard were taken and then arranged in the correct order. Timings were considered for this process, with what we intend to be shorter clips being shown for less time on Final Cut, just to give us a rough understanding of what our timings might be like and if we will fit everything in.

We also looked at adding in some transitions to demonstrate camera movements, such as the slide transition to represent a pan in the actual film. This should be useful when it comes to the filming process because we will have a clearer idea of the exact camera movement and at which point.  To make things visually clearer, we also decided to use the text tool to annotate any clips rather than to just leave the annotations on in pencil because they were not as clear. This also eliminates any problems reading handwriting as the font is clearly legible.

Currently the footage of the storyboard is roughly 2 minutes, and with introductory credits and some idents added, this gives us a good insight to what the end time of our film will be. Ideally, if everything goes to plan – the time will be just over 2 minutes.

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