Production Exercise – Planning Idents 1

Before the film starts, it is more professional to include an ident. After some discussion, one of the idents names my group has chosen is called “Take 2” and we hope to have it displayed as “A Take 2 Production”. I did some rough sketches of how this might look.

Later, I used a combination of Paint and GIMP 2.0 to produce some individual objects I planned to animate. The idea was to start off with the clapper board closed shut and a timer counting up from zero to the right side until it reached 2, where the clapper board would open up and some text saying “Take” would be revealed, along with the arrival of “A” and “Production”. After that, there will be a small pause and then a zoom into the black area of the clapper board.

Here are some images I put together which may help.

mediabottom mediatop

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