Production Exercise – Costume Research

So far, my group has looked at a number of things to do with the exercise. However, one thing we haven’t quite looked at in detail is the costumes. Fortunately, the costumes only need to be provided to 2 actors which will be much easier. One way to look at it, is to think about what costumes would work well for the occasion.

My initial idea was the lead character wearing a smart suit, with some dark sunglasses and a briefcase. However, at the same time we have already decided he is going to be playing golf and wants to look in control. This might be better done by making the lead look more casual and relaxed, with something more suitable for playing golf in. For a starting point, we have looked at the character wearing a combination of a polo shirt with chinos and a smart pair of shoes.

On the other hand, the other character who is going to be selling the guns should look more professional. The fact that they are using the golf course as a business dealing point however gave me and my partner the idea of the seller wearing something slightly more ridiculous, to perhaps give the impression that he is in disguise as opposed to wearing a formal suit. This might be done by getting the seller to be wearing some golfing clothes badly. However, to show that the seller is from a tougher background, we were also planning on giving the actor some menacing looking tattoos on his arms/face. We thought of this when looking at the film This Is England with Stephan Graham playing as Combo.

We will also need to borrow/purchase a large zip-up golf bag from somewhere which the seller can be carrying as he is following the buyer where we can pretend the seller has his guns hidden inside.

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