Production Exercise – Planning 3

Here is another draft of the script I worked on in class.


*Starts with black screen* -Sound bridge starts-

-Lead is talking about film-

*Extreme close up of the golf ball on the tee* -The lead is talking about the film-

*There is a pause, golf club is in view, ball is hit.* -Everything is quiet-

*Establishing shot of the surroundings* (Actors are in view)

-Buyer is talking rapidly about Rambo–Seller tries to interrupt but cannot-

*Establishing shot of the next hole*

-Seller explains what he has brought with him in the bag-

-Buyer asks if he can look inside-

-Seller agrees to buyer looking into the bag-

*Shot of the bag on the floor, buyer begins to open up the zipper*

*Shot with the camera inside the bag, looking outwards in a close up of the buyers face*

-Buyer says something positive about the contents-

*Still in bag w close up of buyers face* – Seller is talking about where he got his stock in background-

*Mid shot of both men*

*Over the shoulder shot of seller -Seller asks for 30K-

*Reaction shot of the buyer* -Lead explains he is looking at 20K-

*Camera moves over to the next hole* -Seller pleads for 30K-

-Buyer reminds seller he is looking at paying 20K- *Camera watches golf*

-Seller calls the deal off-

*Reaction shot of the buyer looking angry*

-Seller mumbles something as he walks off-

-Buyer attacks seller as he walks off with a golf club-


The next steps are to add dialogue and write it up in a professional format.

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