Production Exercise – Audience Research

After some discussion with my partner, we have decided that due to the depiction of crime, weapons and violence – this film would be best targeted for a male audience. As for the age, due to the content this film would be best suited for a teenage/adult audiences. Looking at BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) there are a number of ratings a film could receive ranging from a U to an 18. After looking through the list of age ratings, I have decided that it would probably be best for our film to be rated a 15.


This means that the film would be able to include any of the following listed: (source – BBFC)

  • strong violence
  • frequent strong language
  • portrayals of sexual activity
  • strong verbal references to sex
  • sexual nudity
  • brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence
  • discriminatory language or behaviour
  • drug taking


The information above can be seen in more detail below: source :

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 09.38.48

In theory, looking at getting the film we create classified into the 15 certificate boundary would certainly be achievable. Currently, the only reason we think our film might fit into this category is based on the violence and possibly the use of some bad language (where appropriate). Looking at the 18 certificate classification, we have not planned our film to include any of that sort of content, meaning it is highly unlikely our film would reach this certificate. Alternatively, the film is likely to be closer to a 12 certificate, but this would depend on how far we go with the violence in particular scenes.

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