Production Exercise – Research for location

So, now that I’ve gone through my script and am just working on the actual dialogue, it is important to locate a real location which can be filmed at. The film shows quite a lot of golf, so it would be practical to film somewhere golf-related. Initially my idea was to film at a driving range, but after thinking about it in more detail, it came to my realisation that there would be a variety of sites you could potentially film at to show the scene.

Of course it would be practical to find a location relatively close to either myself or my partner as this would make it more accessible. Therefore, it would be preferable to find somewhere golf-related within the Lincolnshire area. One of my teachers recommended looking into a golf club near Boston. Writing/emailing the owner of this location would be the next steps needed for getting approval.

Boston-Golf-Club-Hole-18-3-copy Boston-Golf-Club-Hole-12-4-copy Boston-Golf-Club-Hole-4-6-copy

However, if we cannot get permission to film at this destination, here is a list of other places which could potentially work.

  • Forest Pines Golf Club
  • Gainsborough Golf Club
  • Grimsby Golf Club
  • Horncastle Golf Club
  • Lincoln Golf Centre
  • Lincoln Golf Club
  • Tattershall Lakes Country Park
  • The Elms Golf Centre
  • Woodhall Spa Golf Club
  • Market Rasen Racecourse Golf Club

Nonetheless, it is important to visit/write a letter/email in advance. This will need to be discussed with my partner.

After further investigation, the following 2 locations seem to be a good location for filming. I will discuss this with my partner before writing a letter/making a phone call.

  • Boston West Golf Club
  • Horncastle Golf Club

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