Production Exercise – Introduction Script

To start off the film, my group planned to have the actors talking about some sort of popular, but relatively old action film, with the use of a sound bridge between the first opening shots of the exercise and also the intro credits.

After some research, I looked at using the film “Rambo – First Blood”, particularly because of it’s huge popularity. I then proceeded to look at this film and choose part of it which I thought would be interesting to talk about.

If you are familiar with Rambo – First Blood, I chose the scene where Rambo is cornered by the National Guard and is just outside of a mine entrance. Here is my plan for the intro script


“So, he just took out several armed police officers and he’s on the run, not looking back. This guy, ends up being surrounded by the National Guard… He’s sat at the entrance, this one guy versus loads of armed men outside. They exchange some shots and then against orders by the commanding guard, one of the men shoots a bazooka into the entrance completely caving this mine in. You’d think that would finish the bloke off, but no, it didn’t kill him. Only problem now is that he finds himself trapped in the mine. Anyway, he makes a torch and has to crawl through a flooded tunnel full of rats.”

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