Production Exercise – Planning 2

My partner for the production exercise agreed that it would be a good idea to have a few different ideas before we choose/finalised one of the ideas. This would enable us to have a wider range and develop a better idea than just our initial thoughts. Today I planned a second time and changed a few of the events slightly and made some of the points more descriptive which should mean they are more useful for the filming progress.

  • Starts with black screen -> discussion already mid-flow with a sound bridge of the actors talking
  • Close up of a golf ball on the tee, very still but still with the talking in the background. Ball gets hit, camera reverts to an establishing shot of the surroundings.
  • The buyer, with a golf club is walking with the seller behind him, still talking with a fast pace about a film he watched (EG Rambo)
  • The seller tries to get a word in edgeways but he cannot get an opportunity over the buyer’s fast paced talking.
  • The seller manages to explain what weapons are in the golf bag he has brought.
  • Close up of the buyer examining the contents of the golf bag, camera is positioned from the floor looking quite closely at the bag – the audience cannot see the “weapons” in the bag, the buyer unzips the bag
  • Reaction shot of the buyer looking down at the “weapons” – serious face from the buyer
  • The seller is still talking in the background
  • Mid-shot of the two men. Over the shoulder shot of the seller saying he wants 30K for the bag.
  • Reaction shot of the buyer – looks disapprovingly at the seller, explains he is only prepared to pay 20K
  • The buyer walks over to the next tee. Seller follows closely.
  • Seller almost pleads to the buyer for the 30K.
  • Buyer reminds the seller he is looking at 20K, hits ball into the next hole
  • Seller says the deal is off
  • There is a pause, reaction shot of the buyer looking annoyed
  • Seller mumbles something as he walks off
  • Buyer rushes the seller with the golf club and brutally murders him

Here I just recreated the same scene my group initially came up with. However, this may come in use because it is more detailed than previously and there are a few new ideas. The next step is to look further into this scene and try and work out what we want exactly from the scene and whether or not elements of this would work.

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