Production Exercise – Planning for actors/costumes

For “The Gun Run” at least 2 actors will be needed. The actors include the leading character and also the seller. The aim is to portray that the buyer is in control and more powerful than the seller, who is almost pleading at times to sell his guns. Currently, we have changed our idea of both characters playing golf to only one character (the buyer) playing golf. With this change we want to try and make a better representation of the sellers weakness, as he will be following the buyer like a sheep for the duration of the scene. Currently for costume I have suggested something smarter for the buyer, which also goes with the scene. My group came up with the idea of just a casual golf outfit, including a polo-shirt and chinos, along with the sellers outfit which looks like something you might see from a fancy dress pub-golf theme.

The idea is to try and make the seller look like he is out of place, for example we might give our actor some drawn-on tattoo’s. For this to work, ideally we will need to look for 2 actors of different heights, and use the taller one to be the lead character to show he is more powerful.

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