Production Exercise – Planning

For our exercise, “The Gun Run” we did some planning today in class. With the help of my partner, we came up with some more ideas and some changes from the original idea. Here is the brainstorm I finished with after the lesson.

  • Black screen, titles, credits
  • Sound bridge of dialogue from the beginning scene starts on the end of the black screen
  • The buyer is talking about a TV program/film he has watched in a casual conversation
  • The seller gets interrupted whilst trying to talk
  • Buyer continues to talk about the TV program/film
  • Seller talks about the guns he is selling, prices them at “30K”
  • Buyer looks at the inside of the golf bag (where the “weapons” are)
  • Buyer says he is only prepared to pay “20K” for the firearms
  • Buyer moves on to the next hole and continues to talk over the seller
  • Seller almost pleads to get “30K” for the firearms
  • Buyer reminds the seller he will only pay “20K”
  • Seller tells the buyer he is wasting his time ect
  • Buyer loses his temper and hits the seller with the golf club
  • Buyer lifts seller into the back of a dark coloured Mercedes.
  • Mercedes drives away
  • Black screen, music, titles

In the lesson, we also looked at what the different actors would be doing and how they would be portrayed within the first 2 minutes of the film. We changed the initial thought of both the seller and the buyer playing golf to just the buyer playing golf. We will try and come up with a golf outfit for the seller which makes him look like he’s trying to fit in, as he is in disguise.

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