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Production Exercise – Storyboard film

Upon completion of the storyboard, the next step was to create a storyboard film which would give a more detailed visual of the filming process. Using Apples Final Cut Pro, photographs of the storyboard were taken and then arranged in the correct order. Timings were considered for this process, with what we intend to be shorter clips being shown for less time on Final Cut, just to give us a rough understanding of what our timings might be like and if we will fit everything in.

We also looked at adding in some transitions to demonstrate camera movements, such as the slide transition to represent a pan in the actual film. This should be useful when it comes to the filming process because we will have a clearer idea of the exact camera movement and at which point.  To make things visually clearer, we also decided to use the text tool to annotate any clips rather than to just leave the annotations on in pencil because they were not as clear. This also eliminates any problems reading handwriting as the font is clearly legible.

Currently the footage of the storyboard is roughly 2 minutes, and with introductory credits and some idents added, this gives us a good insight to what the end time of our film will be. Ideally, if everything goes to plan – the time will be just over 2 minutes.


Production Exercise – Planning Idents 2

Using Apples “Motion” software, I slowly moved away from my initial idea of the first ident and looked at other alternatives. Keeping the same name for the first ident – “Take 2” I started work on a second ident using some pre-made motions which made it easier to do; found within the Motion library.

Today I finished off the first ident and also completed a second ident. The real barrier to creating the idents was learning how to use the Motion software. However, once I had learnt how to use it, the software became much easier to use and it wasn’t too difficult to make a second ident.

Here are some screenshots of the idents.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 14.29.16

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 14.28.39

One of the problems I have recently encountered is a resolution error when exporting the project to final cut. I will need to look at exporting in more detail before I insert it into Final Cut or it may look poor quality.

Also, having looked at professional films with idents, there is the question of whether to add some music/sound effects within. It does not seem to be an essential part of the ident, with a number of professional idents actually not including any noise. However, for the “JACKHAMMER” Production ident, I have been thinking of adding in some sound effects which only last for a short duration. This may be added at a later date.

Production Exercise – Planning Idents 1

Before the film starts, it is more professional to include an ident. After some discussion, one of the idents names my group has chosen is called “Take 2” and we hope to have it displayed as “A Take 2 Production”. I did some rough sketches of how this might look.

Later, I used a combination of Paint and GIMP 2.0 to produce some individual objects I planned to animate. The idea was to start off with the clapper board closed shut and a timer counting up from zero to the right side until it reached 2, where the clapper board would open up and some text saying “Take” would be revealed, along with the arrival of “A” and “Production”. After that, there will be a small pause and then a zoom into the black area of the clapper board.

Here are some images I put together which may help.

mediabottom mediatop

Production Exercise – Planning Storyboard

For the production exercise recently, my group has been focusing on the storyboard, which we will use when filming. My media partner took the job of being the storyboard artist, which I was happy to agree on because he is much better at art than myself. I offered my support throughout the completion of the storyboard and now that it is complete, it is clear that the storyboard will be a huge help for our production, especially when it comes to the day of filming.






Production Exercise – Finalised Script

So, recently me and my media partner have been working on the script for The Gun Run. Today we have finally got somewhere and we’ve created a more professional looking script.

It can be found below—

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 15.23.38 Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 15.24.27 Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 15.24.43

Production Exercise – Costume Research

So far, my group has looked at a number of things to do with the exercise. However, one thing we haven’t quite looked at in detail is the costumes. Fortunately, the costumes only need to be provided to 2 actors which will be much easier. One way to look at it, is to think about what costumes would work well for the occasion.

My initial idea was the lead character wearing a smart suit, with some dark sunglasses and a briefcase. However, at the same time we have already decided he is going to be playing golf and wants to look in control. This might be better done by making the lead look more casual and relaxed, with something more suitable for playing golf in. For a starting point, we have looked at the character wearing a combination of a polo shirt with chinos and a smart pair of shoes.

On the other hand, the other character who is going to be selling the guns should look more professional. The fact that they are using the golf course as a business dealing point however gave me and my partner the idea of the seller wearing something slightly more ridiculous, to perhaps give the impression that he is in disguise as opposed to wearing a formal suit. This might be done by getting the seller to be wearing some golfing clothes badly. However, to show that the seller is from a tougher background, we were also planning on giving the actor some menacing looking tattoos on his arms/face. We thought of this when looking at the film This Is England with Stephan Graham playing as Combo.

We will also need to borrow/purchase a large zip-up golf bag from somewhere which the seller can be carrying as he is following the buyer where we can pretend the seller has his guns hidden inside.

Production Exercise – Location Research

Previously I have briefly looked at a number of different locations which are practical for the filming process. In a previous post I narrowed the list down to Boston West Golf Club and Horncastle Golf Club. Here is a bit more information on the 2 locations, which is designed to help both me and my partner before we get a closer look and decide precisely where to film.

Boston West Golf Club


Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 14.19.07




The 18 hole golf course is situated near Boston and  features a number of different water attractions which may  look good featured in the film.

Horncastle Golf Club

Website :





Another 18-hole golf course located close to Horncastle. The course features stunning natural surroundings and