Plan for Production Exercise – The Gun Run

The Task

In Media, recently the class was told about the production exercise, which is effectively the coursework for AS Media Studies. This counts towards quite a large chunk of AS and therefore it is an essential component of the overall course. The total amount of marks available from this task is 60.

Videos need to be the opening 2 minutes to a film, which a group of 2 must produce. There are no limitations on what genre the film must be, and therefore groups could go in numerous directions to attempt this task. The only real limitations are that the footage used must be original and the audio must be taken from a copyright-free source.

For this task, it is essential to consider camerawork, editing, mise en scéne and sound design in order to achieve higher levels.

The Film

I began planning in class what the film would be, and with my group partner, Connor, we discussed a potential film we could realistically create without it being completely cheesy. To start with, we looked at different genres. We began to brainstorm different genres and crossed off those which we decided would not work as well. In the end we had the option of doing; comedy, action or crime. We looked at this further and decided that we would try to focus on action.

As we had both seen the introduction to the film “Goodfellas“, we decided that we might go down a similar route. We planned that we would have a male character as the lead, who appears to be quite wealthy and well-spoken. As the protagonist, the film would follow the story of this man, where a negotiation turns sour and a gun dealer is murdered by the protagonist. The rest of the film would follow the protagonist dumping the body and escaping with the guns, with a few suprises along the way.

Pitch for the opening

Initial thoughts for the first 2 minutes

In the first 2 minutes, me and Connor’s idea is that we will have our protagonist playing golf with the gun dealer in a casual meeting. Ideally we will also show the gun deal going wrong and the protagonist escaping with the gun dealers body in the trunk of a car and the bag of guns in the front.

Obviously the guns would cause problems, and as a result, there will be not be any real guns on display. The idea is that we get the audience to think that there are guns inside the bag, which will be on display but not opened during the introduction. Also, the idea is that the protagonist uses a golf club as a weapon to kill the gun dealer, not a gun, which also reduces the number of problems which we may encounter.

So far one of the problems I am trying to figure out is how all of this will fit into the space of 2 minutes, and whether or not it is too much. We might only have enough time to show some of the meeting.

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