Production Exercise (Planning)

Recently, myself and a group of AS Media Studies students, underwent an exercise where we tried to replicate one of the intro scenes for the film Reservoir Dogs (1992, Quentin Tarantino). This was our second attempt at filming and this time we began by setting out clear objectives and giving members individual roles for the production.

I took the role of being the director for the production. This meant that I had to try to organise the overall filming procedure. Before the filming, I helped the group with some of the problems we had to solve, such as translating a spoken part into text so that we could do our own spoken version. I also examined some of the other problems which may have occurred within the filming experience.

A storyboard was also important, but for the task it was easier to produce because we could screenshot some of the different parts within the scene. Once the storyboard was completed our group had a good idea of what we would do for the filming process.

Before the filming day, our group had examined the different costumes for the characters, looked at some of the most important props and identified a number of different locations to use for the filming process.

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