Production Exercise (Evaluation)

Looking at my groups replication of the intro scene for Reservoir Dogs, it was certainly more successful than previously. The storyboard was completely finished by the date of the filming, and despite the fact our group had some actors missing on the date, the filming process went reasonably smooth.

Of course, there were some errors and the film created is certainly nowhere near being “perfect”. One of the main issues to address is the way that we tackled the camera movement of the group of actors walking towards the camera. In the film, it appears that the camera would have been held quite far in front of the actors and then zoomed in accordingly, with the actors actually walking towards the camera.

However, when this was filmed, we had placed the camera on a tripod, which was wrong and also tried to get the walking effect by having the actors bob up and down. This clearly did not work and was a major problem within the recording. In future, if trying to replicate a film, or even produce a unique piece of footage, it must look legitimate. The way the actors bobbed up and down whilst the background remained frozen clearly showed that the actors were not actually moving.

Overall, the costumes were reasonably good, with some additional props which added some nice touches to the recording. However, there is still some room for improvement here, and looking back at the recording we should have done more to get the right costume for the occasion.

Another problem I noticed when I thought I’d finished editing the footage was that you could hear the audio capturing device making a clicking noise before the words were spoken. This would have been easy to fix, but I did not notice it when I was checking through once I thought I had edited the footage. In future, I must check the entire footage very carefully before I submit it.

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