Oblivion (Joseph Kosinki, 2013)


I recently watched the film Oblivion, which I had heard plenty about previously. There was a lot of media coverage, both in the news and also on the television about how successful the film was. This lead me to be quite hyped for watching the film and I had high expectations.

The film is set in the future and follows a man called Jack (Tom Cruise) who is on a mission with a woman, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) to extract the remaining resources from Earth. Jack begins to look back at the past, and question what he is doing on the mission and eventually discovers something truly astonishing.

The visuals within this film are very good and the director makes good use of the large budget to avoid skipping anything which might have been expensive. This is shown in some of the action, with explosions, flying props and general destruction in certain scenes.

Although this sci-fi was nothing too unique, it was well done and undoubtedly the acting was superb. The story was captivating and action packed, with plenty of air-combat and weapons of destruction.

I personally would recommend watching this film on a large, high definition TV or projector to capture the visuals. Although the experience would not be badly ruined by watching it on a standard television.

I would give this film 7.5/10




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