Big Media News #3 – Windows 8.2 Update?


After the released Windows 8.1 update, which fixed some of the problems which were released with the regular Windows 8 operating system. There have been rumours whether or not there will be another update (Windows 8.2) before Windows 9 is released.

There have been some reports that Microsoft are currently working on another update for Windows 8 but also they are working on Windows 9, expected for release in November 2014.


If there is going to be an update again, customers would hope that Microsoft listened to them a bit more than previously. It took the community a lot of persuading to get Windows 8 a simple start button, which is still a bit of a nuisance.

If Windows 8.2 was to be released, the community expect there will just be a little polish of the operating system and some of the main concerns such as mouse lag for some users will not be resolved.

What do you think? Will Microsoft skip the Windows 8.2 and just release it as Windows 9? Or will they release a Windows 8.2 update first?


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