Camerawork – Movement

Tilt – Moving the vertical axis up and down whilst keeping the horizontal axis the same.


Crane Shot – A crane is used to move the camera and put it in difficult to reach places. The camera is attached to the front platform of the crane and is angled to suit the situation. The platform can then be easily moved up or down.


Tracking Shot – A tracking shot involves movement of the camera often to follow something/someone which/who is moving. However, this shot stays roughly the same distance away from the focus the whole time.

Pan – Tilting the horizontal axis from one direction to another. For example, if you were to pan with the camera as somebody was walking past, the camera would turn as the person moved towards the side of the focus.

Zoom – Literally making the camera zoom into the target by changing the focus length and decreasing the distance that the target appears.

Crash Zoom – Effectively the same as a zoom, but done much more swiftly, often to exaggerate a situation and capture a facial expression or see an object up close.

Dolly Shot – A dolly shot involves the use of a dolly, which is basically a trolley on wheels placed onto a track. The trolley (dolly) moves along the track which normally appears to look like some rails. The use of a trolley is to make the footage look more stable.

SteadyCam – A SteadyCam is a piece of equipment which can be attached to a camera. The SteadyCam has a weight which is attached and increases stability. The SteadyCam can vary in size, but overall they all do the same thing.


Dutch Tilt – A shot taken where the camera is tilted in an unstable angle on one side. This is used in situations such as when filming intoxicated people or in desperate situations.

Handheld – A handheld shot is quite simply taken naturally by the person filming and it often tends to be quite shaky and unstable. Handheld shots are sometimes taken in the world of film when within a film, a character is seen to be filming something. Such as in the Paranormal Activity films.

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