Big Media News #2 – Windows 8.1 Update


Windows 8 recently was upgraded to Windows 8.1 for existing owners of Windows 8 free of charge. The update was quite large, at just over 3GB, which meant for some users it would take them several hours of downloading.

Microsoft has reported that the Windows 8.1 update has fixed several bugs for Windows 8 users and it is advised to download the update. However, for some users they had to wait much longer for the much awaited update.

The update is supposed to have made the Windows experience better and added such features as a start button at the bottom-left of the desktop screen due to user demand.

windows 8 start button

Another benefit of the download is getting more customisation options which improve the user experience.

However, my personal experience of Windows 8.1 has not been wonderful. To begin with, when I left the download going for the update, I came back to my laptop later in the day and found that it had failed and needed to be downloaded all over again. This was disappointing, but proceeded to try and download the Windows 8.1 update once again.


Fortunately, the second time I tried to download the updated version it worked! However, I was not immediately given some sort of Windows tutorial to show me what the update had actually done so I had to do some searching online.

During my search online, I also found that the Windows 8.1 update had caused some serious problems for other users. For some unfortunate users, the update had caused their computers to get the Blue Screen of Death which was a very serious problem on Microsoft’s behalf.

Overall, whilst this update was a bit disappointing, I would still recommend downloading it unless you have a really slow internet connection. For me, at the end of the day, the update was free and hasn’t caused any problems, other than the loss of some of my time.

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