Stolen (Simon West, 2012)


Stolen, is a film about a former thief (Nicolas Cage), who gets caught and serves 8 years in prison. The money which was stolen in the robbery was never located and as a result, his criminal companions who were involved in the robbery have suspicions that Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage), hid the money away.

Josh Lucas plays Vincent, one of Montgomery’s assistants within the robbery 8 years ago and after faking his own death and losing a limb from the robbery, Vincent has changed significantly into some sort of evil mastermind who then kidnaps Will Montgomery’s daughter and holds her ransom for the money which he believes Will has recovered.


Overall, I thought that the film had a number of problems within it which caused some difficulty actually taking it seriously. An example would be that at one point Vincent (Josh Lucas) shows crystal white teeth and later in the film they appear yellow. If there were less errors within the film then it would have been significantly better and I really felt that some of the camerawork, sound design, mise en scene and editing seemed a bit amateur.

As a result, I was disappointed with this film.




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