This Is England ’86 (Shane Meadows, 2010) Episode 4, Montage Scene Analysis


The scene, beginning at 14:18, starts with Trev who is talking to Lol about what Mike did to her. The analogue is muted as Trev is about to tell Lol what happened and some non-diegetic composed sound is played quite loudly which starts off with a piano tune which is supposed to make the audience feel more sympathetic. The music is then played throughout the rest of the scene.

The camerawork within the montage scene is good because it does a number of different things which relate to what is going on and helps the audience feel empathy towards the characters. Equal time is spent on the different characters because Meadows did not intend on having a main focus on individual characters. Instead, Meadows gives each of the characters within the group about the same time which ensures that the audience get to know just enough about each of the characters problems and their reactions to them. Often, especially in the scenes with Lol and Trev, the camera shots are close-ups and the background is dark. This ensures that the audience focuses only on the emotions of the individual characters. Another key point to the camerawork is how the camera only moves with the characters who are advancing in the episode. The camera is very still when the director is trying to capture the emotions of characters so that the audience can truly focus.

This Is England 86_Lol

Meadows uses non-diegetic composed sound within this scene which works very well. The music links up perfectly with what is going on in the scenes and this helps the audience feel empathy. There is also some sound of dialogue whilst the music is playing, although the musics volume decreases so that the audience may clearly hear what the characters are saying. However, there is only the sound of voices where it’s important, for example the audience does not get to hear Trev talking to Lol about what happened, because Meadows wants the audience to focus fully on the reactions of Lol. Another point to mention is that there are quite a few sound bridges within the scene which ensures that there is continuity and the audience can work out that everything is happening at the same time.


The mise en scéne within the scene varies because the camera flicks between so many different characters who all have different emotions. However, for when Meadows is trying to fully capture the characters emotions the mise en scéne is quite dark, but the face is light enough to be able to see the facial expression of the character. Within some clips with the characters, the background is shown. However, it only shows the poverty of the area, which reminds the audience of how life is for the characters so that the audience may feel sympathetic.


Editing within this scene is also used in a few different ways. The editing helps to link up all the characters and also enhances the emotional effect of scenes such as the one with Lol and Trev where the clip is slowed down to capture the emotions in a better way. The editing is also combined with the sound design in order to create the sound bridges which ensure continuity.



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