This Is England ’86 (Shane Meadows), How does Meadows control the audiences emotions?


Within This Is England ’86, Meadows controls the audiences emotions in a variety of different ways. To begin with, Meadows makes the audience feel as if they are close to a character. Meadow’s approach to this is to do lots of reaction shots, portraying the feelings of the characters and also sound design is often partly responsible. An example of this could be shown by Shaun who is captured walking down a concrete flight of stairs, with the camera facing up at him. The audience feel empathy for Shaun after his mother has not got him what he really wanted as a present, and his body language and facial expression shows us that he is feeling down. Meadows, the director is responsible for this because he would have arranged the camera in that position so that Sean is moving down the camera and also his face is clearly shown.

In most cases, a combination of editing, camerawork, sound work and mise en scéne is used to really capture the audiences emotions so that the overall quality of the video for the audience is enhanced. In certain situations, combinations are used at the same time, whilst in other situations, Meadows focuses more on one thing, such as sound design which gives the audience more of a variety so it still remains interesting. For example, a combination of a shot of this character below, with nothing but music playing quietly in the background enables the audience to capture that this particular character is upset about something.


Meadows also uses Montages, with music playing over the them quite loudly. This may also enable the audience to develop a bond with a character because the audience see how society might have changed , or other connections which makes the audience feel closer to the character, adding to the emotion. Meadows likes to do this at the beginning of an episode, which is good because as well as helping to control the emotions of the audience, the audience may also get a clue to what could happen in the episode.


In particular, in the episodes of This is England ’86, Meadows spends a lot of time contrasting characters and enabling the audience to develop an opinion on the relationships between characters. Woody and Lol are captured a lot in This is England ’86 and Meadows makes sure that the audience face some of their best and worst moments together to really allow the audience to have empathy for the characters.

Overall, Meadows as the director of This is England does have the power to captivate the audiences emotions, but it can only be done with a well-planned story and good knowledge of filming. Shane Meadows definitely achieves this and it most certainly allows the TV show to become more enjoyable as a result.


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