Captain Phillips (Paul Greengrass, 2013)

The other day I went out to see the new film “Captain Phillips” which is based on the book “A Captains Duty“. The film is about a true event which took place in 2009 where a small group of Somalian pirates hijacked an American cargo ship and then took the captain hostage. The 4 Somalian pirates, with the captain taken hostage than continued to try to make their getaway in one of the ships lifeboats.

The film was extremely tense and emotional at times. The audience can’t help but feel empathy towards the captain, who becomes close to the audience right from the beginning. Whilst anger may be felt towards the pirates for what they are doing, we may also feel sympathetic due to the poverty of Somalia and also the age of the pirates (The 4 pirates were aged 17 to 19). Either way, if the high levels of tension in this film don’t have you sitting on the edge of your seat, I don’t know what will.

Captain Phillips Action Scene

I felt the the acting in this film was very good, and also the sound design. However, when watching this at a cinema, you probably shouldn’t take the closest row to the screen because there is a lot of swaying due to the fact the film is at sea. There are of course a number of famous actors within this film, including possibly the most famous, Tom Hanks – who plays Captain Phillips. In addition to this, there were some newcomer actors, such as Barkhad Abdi who plays Muse, the leader of the Somalian pirate group. Despite the actors being newcomers, they did a great job acting and it is quite difficult to notice them being new.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend watching it, either at the big screen or when it comes out on DVD.


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