The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010)

The Social Network is a film showing how Facebook came about. Jesse Eisenberg, plays as Mark Zuckerberg (the protagonist) and The Social Network is set mainly in and around Harvard University. To begin with, the characters seem to talk very quickly and in some scenarios it can actually be quite a challenge to fully register what the characters are saying. However, after a while you should become more accommodated to the fast talking actors.

The Social Network probably does have some external requirements to fully understand what is going on. For example, not knowing anything about Facebook may challenge some viewers, although it is not a major necessity to have a great knowledge of the social networking site, and some viewers may manage to get through the film without it.

The way the film was set was quite good and it was fairly interesting throughout. However, I felt that towards the end, some of the film became a bit repetitive – no spoilers here though…

The film did show how Facebook was created very well, and also included a bundle of interesting background information about Mark Zuckerberg himself, although obviously some of it was largely exaggerated.

I’m not disappointed with this film, as it did include the main plot of Zuckerbergs life. However, I did not feel that the film gave me anything more than the main plot to the story, and for that reason I am reluctant to rate the film too highly.

Overall, The Social Network is a pretty good film and I would recommend watching it if you’re interested in the history of Facebook and a bit of drama whilst you’re at it.





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