Preliminary Exercise – First Impressions of Filming

After we had prepared some of the essentials needed to film, such as the storyboard, our group got together and began filming. This procedure  was initially delayed due to some inaccuracies in choosing the right room for the second scene. However, after the complications we managed to get a reasonably good room for filming and we began the process.

Once we had moved all the equipment into the room, we needed to get set up and we faced some technical difficulties as it was the first time we had used the majority of the equipment. However, after solving the problem of plugging in all the wires into the right slots and working out how to safely attach the video camera to the tripod we began to look at our storyboard as a guide for filming the scenes. Fortunately, our storyboard was planned out quite well and we knew where to film and in which order to film in.

After we had moved into the second scene, we realised that we had not properly planned out a prop list for the room. However, fortunately this was resolved quite quickly, primarily due to the nature of the preliminary exercise. After the room was arranged how our group wanted it we started filming for the second scene. However, unfortunately due to the delay in choosing a room for the filming, the lesson ended and our filming had to be postponed to a later date.

When we set up filming for the second day, we were well organised and got all the equipment together in the correct places in record timing. A problem we noticed though which we could not find a good way to resolve was the lighting. Due to different times because of the lessons, the sun was shining into the scene in different places to previously which made the continuation between the two cuts look a bit different. In future, this would have been solved by filming at the same time of the day in the same weather conditions or by trying to add artificial lighting so that it looked similar to previous cuts.

The next part of the preliminary exercise is to edit the footage we captured and then compose it so that it looks like a more professional bit of footage. Stay tuned for more!


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