Looper Review (Rian Johnson, 2012)


Looper is a film set in the future (2074) whereby a form of highly illegal time travelling is available. The film is pretty much set around this theme of time travel, and we soon learn that a future mob is paying “loopers” good money to dispose of people from the future. Bruce Willis plays the role of one of the “loopers” and unfortunately comes into the uncomfortable situation whereby he is expected to kill his future self.

He lets his normal killer instincts slip for a small moment and his future self manages to escape. The film only goes on from there, and the audience face tense moments when the mob work out that Bruce Willis has let his future self escape. The penalty is death.

The story unfolds into one massive chase and throws the audience mixed feelings. At times the film is funny whilst at other times it becomes sad, emotional and tense.. Although some of the plot is confusing, it becomes easier to pick up after a while and eventually becomes much clearer.

The film is worth watching and I definitely consider it to be one of the best Sci-Fi films of 2012.



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