Preliminary Exercise – Shot List

Here are a list of shots in order of how they will be taken for the filming of our groups preliminary exercise.

  1. Over-the-shouldercorridor
  2. Close-upcorridor door
  3. Mid-shotclassroom
  4. Over-the-shoulderclassroom
  5. Point-of-viewclassroom paper
  6. Over-the-shouldershake hands [Match-on-action start]
  7. Wide-shot (including 180° rule) – Sit down
  8. Shot-reverse-shot
  9. Shot-reverse-shot
  10. Shot-reverse-shot
  11. Shot-reverse-shot
  12. Shot-reverse-shot
  13. Shot-reverse-shot
  14. Shot-reverse-shot
  15. Shot-reverse-shot
  16. Shot-reverse-shot
  17. Wide-shot (including 180° rule) –stand up
  18. Over-the-shoulderleaving room

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