Rush (Ron Howard, 2013) Review

Rush is a film which  tries to show the true story of Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film, set in the 70’s is primarily focused on James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) who appears to be living his life fast and recklessly in an ambitious attempt to be the greatest Formula One racer of all time. Everything seems to be going perfectly for James Hunt before Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) jumps in as a contestant in the races and really starts to challenge Hunt. It is no suprise, due to the character of Hunt that they become rivals and the story only goes on from there.

As somebody who does not really follow Formula One, nor has ever done in the past, I was not sure that this film would be massively enjoyable. However, despite coming into the cinema to watch it, the film proved me wrong. I felt throughout most of the duration of the film (which is 123 minutes long!) I was captured by the events, which were very interesting.

I also felt that you could really tell the film was set in the 70’s, with some fantastic classics driving around looking pristine, despite their age today. At times, as a member of the audience I felt like I was part of the film and you soon develop a bond between the characters.

Having read up on some more about the film, it is actually quite amazing what they pulled off. The actors were not allowed to drive F1 cars within the filming, so instead for the film, drove F3 cars with F1 body kits put over them in an attempt to decieve the viewers. I guess with a budget of an estimated $38 million this isn’t the most difficult task in the world, but I still found it highly impressive.

Having gone to the cinema to see this film as well, I was provided with the ultimate experience and both the screen and the sound was fantastic. The floor vibrated with the engines roar and this also helped to muffle the sound of the occasional crunch of popcorn nearby. If you want to see this film, I would really recommend going to see it at a cinema whilst you still can, or if you have a good quality home cinema maybe wait till it comes out on DVD/Blu Ray.

I would give this film 9/10.


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