Preliminary Exercise- What we must demonstrate

Within the preliminary exercise, I need to demonstrate 3 things.

  • match on action
  • shot/reverse shot
  • the 180° rule

Match on action

An editing technique in which one shot cuts to another shot showing the action of the character within the first shot.

A brilliant example can be seen here:

Match on action is useful because it means that a whole film does not have to be filmed in one day. The only problem that everything must be set before how it was before the filming continues. For example, an actor must look the same between the camera changes or else the film would not make sense. It would be confusing for an actor to have brown hair and in the next scene they have blonde hair.

As you can see below, this different shots are to make sure there is continuity within the filming, they look like they are taken straight after each other, but in reality they could have been taken on different days/weeks.


Shot Reverse Shot

An editing technique used when characters are looking at objects together or at each other followed by a reverse angle shot of the same situation but from the other half’s perspective.

Another good example can be found here:

Here is a diagram to represent “Shot Reverse Shot”:

Shot reverse shot

The 180° rule

A filming guideline where actors should have the same left-right relationship with each other with filming taking place within a 180° angle.

And finally, here is an example of the 180 rule:

Another diagram which shows this rule can be seen here:


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