This is England (Shane Meadows, 2007)

This is England, is a British Social Realism set in the 80’s but made into a film. Shaun, the main character in the film, is a 12 year old school boy and after he faces a tough day at school where he is picked on, a group of youths known simply as “Skinheads” see he is having a hard time and let him into their group.

The Skinheads are used to portray how our society once was in the past, where racism was much worse than it is today. The film really captivates the audience in the way that they are glued to the seat due to the extreme violence, explicit language and the nature of the film. Tension is often high within this film, especially with the introduction of “Combo”, who takes lead role of the Skinheads.

Due to the Skinheads showing how far racism went back in the 80’s, it certainly gives This is England some historical content. Some of our pasts society in these rough areas has been captured within the film and it will now be held there, forever. Shane Meadows, the leading director of This is England created the film in this way as it was based on his previous experiences, but that does not mean to say completely based on true events, and some of it will have been largely exaggerated.

Overall I enjoyed this film, and whilst some of it may have been disturbing in nature, it was also interesting in the way that the 80’s time period was captured. If you have not already seen this film, I would recommend it.


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