Bouncers, Channel 4, Series 1 – Episode 1

You can watch the episode here:

Taking place in Newport, Bouncers is a TV series which follows some “bouncers”, or as they prefer to be known as, “security”. In Bouncers, real footage is taken from the security working the door on long shifts and encountering many problems. The security team are quite amusing as they all have strong opinions on their jobs and some of the problems they have to deal with are filmed and put into the episodes.

I believe that Bouncers opened my eyes up to how the security team actually work, and it seems like a far more formal occupation than I had anticipated. For example the security team have their own headquarters and uniform, and seem to do a lot of planning and management before they work.

The episode also showed that there is obviously a lot of problems associated with members of the public who drink too much and this showed the importance of the job of security.

On top of this, the audience also got an insight into the lives of the security team when they are not working the door and this also made the program which also made the program more interesting.

Overall, in this program there was much to be learnt. The audience also had the opportunity to really get an insight due to the filming of the security in operation, which is why there is strong language and scenes of violence.

Whilst I found this program widely interesting and also entertaining, I find it hard to believe that there has been more episodes of the security in operation. I would expect future episodes of Bouncers to be very similar, and it may seem like a repeat. However, as I am not sure of this, I may stay tuned in for more episodes of Bouncers and if I do I will write another blog to reveal the true answer.

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