Compliance (Craig Zobel, 2012) Review


First of all I would like to mention that this film was based completely on true events. Compliance is about a successful prank caller, who manages to convince a fast food restaurant that he is a police officer and one of the employees at the restaurant has stolen money from a customer.

At first, if you hadn’t read up on the film about the caller being a fake, it almost seems believeable. Although the so called “police officer” begins to seem more and more informal, even from a very early point in the film. The acting is quite good, and as soon as the audience learns that the caller is a fake, the tension begins to rise at a rapid pace.


The manager at the restaurant is forced to interrogate the employee and it is quite painful to the audience that the workers do not realise that the caller is a fake. The “police officer” is quite demanding and he continues to make the manager do more and more things which become increasingly uncomfortable, not just for the employee, but also for the audience.

The employee is removed from her personal possessions and the “police officer” on the other end of the line fails to show up to the restaurant at all, and by this point in the film, you would expect that a number of hours had gone by.

The prank caller somehow manages to convince people on the other end of the line that he is a police officer and there will be more trouble if the workers do not comply. Eventually this leads up to some explicit content where the employee who has been accused of stealing money is sexually abused.


Overall, I found this film quite sad, in terms of what happened – especially since it was based off true events. I believe that even though the director obviously wanted to show the damage that the prank caller had done, there was a limit to how much of the abuse the audience should actually see before they clearly had a strong idea of the events. The film lasted for 90 minutes and I strongly feel that the time could have been shortened and the audience got to see far more than they really wanted to. It came to a point where it actually became disturbing.

I would rate this film 6/10.

You can watch a trailer for the film here :


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