A simple overview of this years future

Understandably, it is useful to know what you’re going to do in your subject. Fortunately, for OCR AS Media Studies it’s been made quite clear. The AS year counts towards 50% of the total A-level. Within the 50% of the AS part, it is further split into two main areas.

One of the main areas is the coursework. This counts towards 50% of the AS, or 25% of the full A-level. The coursework consists of “Research and Planning“, the “Main Exercise” and an “Evaluation“, which should all be featured on my blog in the future! There are 100 marks available in total for the coursework.

The other half of the AS for Media Studies is a written examination in which you demonstrate an understanding of the skills you have learnt throughout the year. The maximum mark for this examination is 100, and it is worth the other 50% of the AS ( 25% of the full A-level).

Got it?


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